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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging for money

Yes you can make money blogging. You see the ads by Google? Well I make money when people click on them(PLEASE DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN WHAT THE AD IS FOR). The reason I say this is because if Google finds abuse with it's system they will not pay you.
Also you can post links to your affiliate programs on your blog like I do. You can have in-text ads and many other forms of advertising on your blog if you wish. I try to not overdo it.
The key to making money blogging is TRAFFIC! The more people you get to come to your blog the more people are likely to click on your ads.
The best way to get traffic is to have lots of good content, which I work on all the time.
Making money blogging starts out very slow, but can build into a really good source of income.

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